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Dome-L Subscription

To Subscribe to Dome-L, please fill in the fields below.  If you are on the list and need to change emails, subscribe again and note the address you are replacing.

If you have a Google account, the fastest method to get on the list is to go to the Dome-L Google Groups Page and subscribe.

If you want to subscribe via email from any email account, send an email to dome-l+subscribe@googlegroups.com 

All subscription requests are validated by a moderator within 48 hours. 

As a last resort, use the form below (this method may take much longer for validation- allow 7 days).

Subscribe to Dome-L

1. Enter your email address in the box above.

2. Go to your email account and confirm your subscription by following the link.
3. Enter a bit of info about who you are and your affiliation.
4. Wait up to 48 hours for the Admin to approve.
5. Enjoy the literary genius of your fellow astronomy educators delivered to your inbox!

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